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How To Generate More Traffic For Your Site

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a technical, analytical and creative process to improve the visibility of a website in search engines. It’s basically used to get more traffic on your website, which then, converts into sales.

*Note, I will use Google a lot as an example because it is the most popular search engine on the web today.


While I’m writing this to make it beginner friendly, it can get a bit technical. SEO can be confusing and a little frustrating, so buckle up and get ready for some technical bumps in the road. If you read carefully, some of the technical bumps will be harmless. Remember, not one page can go into each complex subtext of this subject. I encourage you to do some research on seo services seo company az to get some extra advice and support!

The Shades Of Hats That hackers Wear

I’m going to make a very short mention of hacker shades real quick. Hackers are everyday people that can get into pretty much anything on a technical device, yes even your phone’s and tablets are hackable. Although some can be malicious – or black hat – most are harmless – or white hat. There are the hackers in between – gray hats – they claim to have a justifiable reason for whatever it is that they are doing. The line crossed between gray and black hats can, at times, be thin.

I will be using these terms throughout this web site. *Please note that hacking in the United States and the United Kingdom is illegal. There are certain ways to achieve a great ranking on search engines within legal grounds.*

*White hats are rewarded with good rankings legally and black hats get them illegally.

Wait, Google & other Search Engines Have Rules?

Yes, even Google wants webmasters to follow their rules. Following each of them can be tedious, but they reward sites with informative and high-quality content, with great ‘white hat’ web marketing techniques, with high rankings. Please make a note that these rules don’t have to be follow, but they are recommended.

On the other hand, Google does have to make sure websites that break these rules are penalized. There are legal and illegal – i.e. hacking – ways to rank in Google. It’s your decision, choosing to follow or bend and ignore the rules will depend on how much success or disappointment you’ll achieve.

Within this article are ways of increasing your sites traffic that is within the law and Google’s – and other search engines – rules.